The Last Supper
With a little repentance -- seeing things from a fresh angle -- couldn't the above scene also be a schematic diagram of your own thinking mind, with all the different thoughts, feelings, considerations, and at the center enlightened reasoning. trusting and allowing the benevolence and wisdom of Life to flow.


We are so easily tossed around by moods, thoughts, feelings, assumptions, preferences, likes and dislikes...

We are mostly unaware of the unbelievable speed in which our mind labels and interprets what appears in front of us. What we see is rarely what IS.

"Beginner's mind" is so important: to see/feel as if it were the first time, instead to fall victim to our mental unawareness and routines.

Mental routines are important in the visible mechanical realm, but routines and assumptions are a hindrance in the invisible, spiritual.

There is one Earth -- God's perfect creation -- but there are billions of worlds, each unique in everyone's mind.

The Bible -- as your psychological drama -- cannot be broken, it is always relevant, it is not bound by time and space; it all happens here and now, if we leave our nets and bravely follow Jesus into the unknown.

One big trap of past Christianity is the assumption that the knowledge of God is dependent on the passing away of things that exist.

We are dead when we don't know love in our heart. We are like dead when we rush over scripture and don't allow it to resonate in us.

"Go and lie down, and if he calls you, say, 'Speak, LORD, for your servant is listening.'..."

1 Samuel 3:9

Isn't it amazing how easily we can get distracted by symbols (idols), and overlook the actual light and peace of simply experiencing this moment, free of the commentary of our old thinking mind.

Jesus answered, “My kingdom is not of this world; if it were, My servants would fight to prevent My arrest by the Jews. But now, My kingdom is not of this realm.”

John 18:36

Jesus = your enlightened reasoning (Phil 2:5)

my kingdom = your natural state of effortless fulfilment, practical peace of mind in daily living as a human being.

this world = what we believe to see and assume to know.

Jews = ~strict, waiting for an external Messiah~.
Fantastic mystery: "I am a Jew because I am a Christian. I could be a Jew and not be a Christian, but I can't be a Christian and not be a Jew."

It seems so difficult to make this point:

The Bible is your own psychological drama, it has nothing to do with changing circumstances in an assumed outer physical world. All its stories are timeless states in Consciousness through which we pass in our life journey.

The main character -- Jesus -- is not "another"!
Jesus is your Self, unadulterated by faulty thinking/feeling; guided by Life/Source directly.

You cannot "follow Jesus" and cling to familiar identity and opinions; something in us has to go!

The last enemy to be destroyed is death.
1 Corinthians 15:26

Allow to look at the Bible with fresh eyes and an open heart, as our own psychological drama here and now:

Even though we die to our false psychological identity, as a separate-self, we cannot lose our identity as the individualized Consciousness that we are. Only what is false in us can die and has to die. We cannot fill new life and light into our old contracted person that is full of "me" misery.

It is so difficult to see that we cherish and defend our false ego identity. At one point we have enough of our old boring suffering and are ready for a leap, whole-heartedly trusting the pattern of Jesus in our own life, here and now.

When we start to explore the Bible as our own psychological drama, then we see that "neighbor" also refers to anything that can bubble up in our most intimate thinking and feeling.

"Not to resist evil" is the invitation to allow whatever seems to disturb/involve us inside of ourself!

... to let it come close, without resistance; to let it come so close that we cannot tell anymore if it is pleasant or unpleasant. In this intimacy we discover Jesus as the light of this world, as the prince of peace, as our own Awareness, unentangled, unveiled from the objects of our own thinking, feeling and identity.


“Only that which is always with you can be said to be your self and if you look closely and simply at experience, only awareness is always ‘with you’.”

― Rupert Spira, Presence: The Art of Peace and Happiness